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Oven Roasted Vegetables

Another yummy bowl of veggies to add to your whole food diet. INGREDIENTS: Baby potatoes Carrots Baby zucchini Asparagus Tahini sauce Salt Black Pepper Cumin Wash your vegetables thoroughly before adding salt, pepper and cumin. Once ready leave in the oven for 15 mins. Potatoes take longer to cook so leave potatoes for 25 mins.

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Oliv’e Russian Potato Salad

Oliv’e or potato salad is a very popular salad in Central Asia. You would usually see this type of salad during holidays, birthdays or any significant celebrations. Unfortunately, this salad is made with meat, mayo and eggs therefore, is not fully vegan. I experimented and added vegan sausage instead of meat, simply removed eggs and …

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Oatmeal Pudding


Oatmeal Pudding or as we call it abck in Tajikistan Shir Birinj. This dish is made with milk and white rice and mostly is a breakfasts meal. I remember my mother would prepare Shir Birinj (Rice Pudding) in the mornings. It is a very traditional Tajik meal, which time saving, easy to make. Usually does …

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Happy Persian New Year! Happy Spring! Nawruz.

Happy Nawruz! Happy Persian New Year! Nawruz means New Day(naw -new, ruz- day), new year, and a celebration of early spring when the sun begins to regain strength and overcome winter’s cold and darkness. Nawruz celebration can be religious or secular, both of which have plainly evolved considerably over many centuries, the one with extension …

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Japanese Noodles Bowl

Super easy vegan meal. Tasty Light Low in calorie Ingredients: Japanese Noodles Baked Tofu Black Bean Dip Instructions: Noodles that I used How to prepare black bean dip: I used this recipe onions tomato olive oil garlic jalape├▒os fresh lime juice to boost the flavor How to bake tofu ENJOY! ­čÖé

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Oyster Mushroom Plate

Oyster mushrooms are my favorite kind of mushrooms, although they are very expensive, they have some amazing health benefits. What’s great about oyster mushrooms is that cooking them does not reduce their nutritional value, according to livestrong.com website. I highly recommend trying them, they are absolutely delicious. I am sharing with you my own recipe, …

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San Francisco Vegan Adventure

Sharing with you my vegan experience in beautiful San Francisco. I am totally in love with this city that barely made it back. I am seriously considering to move to San Francisco by next year, if everything goes “according to plan”. I love how everything is in one place ~ ocean and beach, mountains, hiking …

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Hummus is one of my favorite Middle Eastern meals, I’ve never made it before. This is the first time I made it and I was actually proud of myself. Aside of it being a little thick than expected, it tastes delicious. I am not gonna lie It does seem hard but it actually is very …