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Peanut Butter Toast


Hi friends, just wanted to share this very simple, easy breakfast recipe with you that is made in less than 5 minutes. It is delicious, has the right nutrients and keeps you full until your lunch. Ingredients: Whole wheat bread with sunflower seeds Crunchy peanut butter Topping: Pomegranate Sunflower seeds A fairly healthy food choice …

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Vegan Sambusa (Samosa)

vegan-samosa-sambusa-baked-persian-central asian food

Sambusa also known as samosa or samsa is a┬átraditional Central Asian food that is mostly seen in special holidays. In Central Asia sambusa is usually baked in the clay oven although it can be prepared in the oven at home as well. It still tastes amazing. Here is a picture of the one in clay …


14 Reasons Why You Should Visit New York City

New York, the city of dreams, endless opportunities, the city that never sleeps, and where you can literally find anything, anything you want from food to festivals and night clubs. There are so many things that make New York City so special and unique. Here are 14 reasons why you should visit this unpredictable city. …