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What Can You Eat In A Whole Food Vegan Diet?

So, what can I eat in a whole food diet, you ask? Whole foods such as, a lot of vegetables and fruits, legumes, beans, chickpeas and grains. I will give you a list of foods that I am going to avoid and a list of foods that I will be adding to my diet. I …

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Whole Food Vegan Diet

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What is a whole food diet? According to J. Fuhrman, the author of Eat To Live, The End of Dieting (internationally recognized expert on nutrition and natural healing), consuming the healthiest foods gives the best results: most effective disease reversal, disease protection, longevity enhancement, and the end of dieting. I have been eating a lot of vegan junk …

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Wondering About The Vegan Lifestyle?

Hi, today I am sharing with you this little piece of information about a vegan diet.  I always get questions, such as where do I get my protein, calcium, iron and how do I still stay energetic. These are good questions and I am glad they ask. To make it easier I found this awesome …