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Live With More Trust, Intuition And Flow


How do you start trusting yourself and your intuition? Do more of what you love? It has become quiet difficult to live life without constantly being judged, or controlled by the strange world that is so attached to media, that you let the outside world decide your life unconsciously. Because of these life circumstances, we …

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Journals and Intentions

Do you have a journal/diary and do you write your intentions for every month? I do, I record the happy moments and the not so happy moments of my life. Doing so led me to understand myself better, find my weaknesses and my strengths, which allowed me to grow into a more compassionate and less …

Healthy Lifestyle Mindfulness motivation New York City Positive Mindset positivity Productivity

Mindset changes everything.

Good Monday motivation reads. I believe a positive mindset is the first step to a happy, motivating and adventurous life. I am personally working on being more positive, carefree, and less materialistic this year. Moving more towards minimalism and saving more money on traveling, expanding my inner and outer world than my closet. I thought …