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Happy Persian New Year! Happy Spring! Nawruz.

Happy Nawruz! Happy Persian New Year! Nawruz means New Day(naw -new, ruz- day), new year, and a celebration of early spring when the sun begins to regain strength and overcome winter’s cold and darkness. Nawruz celebration can be religious or secular, both of which have plainly evolved considerably over many centuries, the one with extension …

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Power Breakfast Bowl

Hello there! I hope you are having a wonderful time! Check out this easy, healthy, power breakfast. INGREDIENTS: Oats coconut milk or water cinnamon Topping: 1 (medium size) Frozen Banana 4 dates walnuts raisins Some health benefits of these amazing ingredients in your diet. Health Benefits of Dates Health Benefits of Raisins Health Benefits of …

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Japanese Noodles Bowl

Super easy vegan meal. Tasty Light Low in calorie Ingredients: Japanese Noodles Baked Tofu Black Bean Dip Instructions: Noodles that I used How to prepare black bean dip: I used this recipe onions tomato olive oil garlic jalape├▒os fresh lime juice to boost the flavor How to bake tofu ENJOY! ­čÖé