veganAs a Central Asian (native to Tajikistan) woman who grew up with completely different culture and cuisine, living in New York City I often find myself craving my native cuisine. Our cuisine is a mix of Middle Eastern and Russian cuisine. One of the reasons I love New York is because it offers a variety of diverse foods. Even though there are many Central Asian restaurants in this city, many of them don’t offer vegan options. I know, it’s very disappointing but I hope they will soon. Because of the lack of vegan options, I started experimenting with different types of plant based foods to find that same flavor from back home. Because I have had such success with it and have been told my experiments taste amazing, It made me want to share this with as many fellow vegans as possible. As I continue to experiment, you can follow me on my journey if you too love these types of cuisines. As part of a healthy lifestyle, I will also be posting exercise routines.

Fun fact about me:

I am someone who

  • goes to Coffee shops or sometimes bars for a cup of green tea
  • goes to a Steakhouse hoping to find vegan food
  • goes to kickboxing to dance
  • decides to meditate on the train *full of people

“How do you benefit from this life?” I said, “By keeping true to myself”~Rumi

Remember, the best of me is yet to come!original Cheers!

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